Get a grip!

The 101 on grip aids. Which grip is right for you?!
There are many different grip aids out there when it comes to pole and aerials. The ones I will be focusing on are the ones I carry in the studio, mainly for pole.

The pole athlete’s wardrobe

THE POLE ATHLETE’S WARDROBE If you aren’t familiar with pole fitness you may question as to why we don’t wear very much clothing.  You see the videos or pictures posted wearing nothing but a sports bra and an itty bitty pair of shorts.  Perhaps you’re wondering why we show so much skin or maybe you’re…

Train safe!

TRAIN SAFE! Many of you have poles at home and are practicing which is great! I just want to remind you to be safe and train effectively! Always warm up to prevent injury and remember that pole takes time to gain strength to move onto bigger and more impressive moves. That’s why we also have…