Our studio located downtown Pembroke has brought a new alternative style of fitness to the area. The location has impressive high ceilings with 7 professional chrome poles that stand 11 feet tall. The space is also perfect for our beautiful silk hammocks that drape from the beams. With the right equipment including mats for advanced moves and drops this modern, cutting edge studio offers many classes that suits everyone’s
fitness level and goals.

Through classes, Lorissa Splaine (owner and instructor) and her certified instructors, provide the students with the knowledge and guidance they need to safely advance to the next level. Pole and aerial fitness comes with many health benefits and each class is designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle
that is not only fun but effective!

Any woman (or man) can learn with no prior athletic ability needed. Improve your muscle tone, gain flexibility and coordination, increase strength, and build endurance while having fun at it. Trust us, it will not feel like a workout and we will teach you everything you need to know! With a high demand of class registrants and a growing list of new sign-ups, Pembroke Pole Fitness is surely beginning to improve the health and
well-being of our local community!

Pembroke Pole Fitness’s mission is to create an enjoyable workout that will take you to new heights in a safe and supportive environment.