Can I drop-in whenever I want?

We can never guarantee that a spot will be open since there are only certain numbers of equipment.  Also, most programs are designed as a progressive learning style.

What do you learn in the 12 week pole level classes?

Classes are properly instructed with gradual pole moves to prevent injury.  You will learn a series of pole dancing and pole fitness moves and during the last 6 weeks you will learn a choreographed piece to combine what you have learned!

What do I wear ?

Typical fitness attire, however we do ask that your clothing is free from any metal such as zippers, studs, etc.  Certain types of clothing are required for the type of classes you’re in.  For example, when climbing the pole you would require shorts, for polefit indoor running shoes are a must, for aerial yoga you must wear leggings and the armpits must be covered.

What kind of footwear do I bring?

Unless you are in PoleFit class, we go barefoot in every class!  You can, however, wear foot undies to protect the balls of your feet and to make pivots easier for pole classes.

Do I need to be strong, fit or lose weight prior to joining?

No! We teach you everything you need to know! Every body type and fitness level are welcome!

I am a beginner and have never done this before!

Our classes are well broken down to help you gain the confidence you need.  Everyone needs to start somewhere!

Whats the difference between Pole Fitness Level classes and PoleFIT classes?

PoleFIT is more focused on all the strength-building exercises that are incorporated with the pole.  We make squats, lunges, and pull-ups safe and rewarding by using the pole for stability and support.  There is also a cardio aspect incorporated which can be described basically as pole aerobics.

Pole levels are fun and effective by doing repetitions of the moves you learn each week, working different muscles each time.  Levels are for those who want to learn all the spins, pole holds and some pole dance choreography.

I have a background in dance, fitness and/or gymnastics... do I have to start in the beginner pole class?

The answer is yes.  It’s important to understand the terminology used and the basic body alignment and technique for pole fitness.  This is important to keep your body injury free and for you to be able to build upon more advanced moves, also to understand how to effectively use the pole as it is a piece of fitness equipment.  If someone is progressing at a stronger pace, it may be concidered for them to move up a level.

I’m concerned about my medical condition or past injuries.

If you are worried about any aspect of your health, we advise you to talk to your doctor prior to attending classes.  As with any physical activity, a medical note is required if you are living with a known condition.